As a wildlife photographer Instagram is a fantastic place to be. To showcase your work, be inspired by others or simply connect with like-minded people. But Instagram can also a little overwhelming. How do you find awesome wildlife photography on Instagram? To make your life a little easier, we will select each week the Instagram Big Five!

1. Kjetil Schjølberg (@kjetilsc)

Norwegian photographer Kjetil Schjølberg’s ability to work with a shallow depth of field is truly inspiring. Creative and striking! Follow Kjetil on Instagram @kjetilsc

2. Jérémie Villet (@jeremievillet)

Get ready to feel the cold! 24-year old french wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet’s images of the cold north embrace simplicity! Follow Jérémie Villet on Instagram @jeremievillet and Facebook.

3. Lia Barret (@liabarrettphoto)

Do you fear deep water and sharks? Lia Barrett surely doesn’t. Her Instagram Feed is a celebration of the wet element, her shark and whale images are simply stunning! If you are into underwater photography, give Lia’s Instagram Feed a go! Follow Lia on Instagram @liabarretphoto

4. Federico Veronesi (@federico_veronesi)

Have you been bitten by the safari bug? Federico Veronesi’s Instagram Feed will make want you pack your gear, and hop on the next plane to Kenya. His images are exciting, powerful and always tell a great story. Follow Frederico on Instagram @federico_veronesi

5. Ben McRae (@benmcraephotography)

We just can’t get enough of Ben McRae’s photography. Australian photographer Ben McRae is a master of using natural and artificial light. All of his images speak a coherent language and his stories in the caption are told in such an immersive and exciting way. His Instagram Feed is a fantastic experience. Follow Ben on Instagram @benmcraephotography

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I was in Kenya to see the great migration. I had seen it before but like everything else in Africa, you just want to do it again! Things had changed since my first visit as it had been some years. I'm was not sure if it was the concession or just my timing but there were a lot of other people around. There was last time but the cornered off Chinese TV concession did not allow the crowds to spread. Hundreds of vehicles shot across the veld and the whole experience was not at all feeling as it should. Word had gotten out that the wildebeest were gathering for a crossing so everybody had started to move. The traffic rushing forward was more like peak hour in Nairobi, it moved & smelt the same. It was chaos, any want to see the spectical quickly evaporated, & if it had not the sight of tourists dumping rubbish from their windows certainly made us want to move. We said our bit and fixed the wrongs before our 4×4 turned in another direction. With all this going on other corners of the reserve would be empty & that is where we wanted to be. More 4x4s were sucked into the vacuum & an argument broke out about who would get our spot in the growing traffic jam. We quickly moved away towards rolling plains dotted with zebra & buck. It was not long after escaping to this peace that we came across a browsing herd of elephants. The Elephants calming nature soon had its effect and we were lulled into the elephants hypnotism. Swaying trunks & flicking tails sent a smile right across my face. We were not far from the commotion but it felt like a different world. Slowly the surrounding plains began to fill with animals. Zebra & Wildebeest flanked the plain in great numbers & the tide did not stop there. The Elephants were surrounded & soon so were we. In the distance horns tooted back and forth. The smokey, loud traffic jam must have startled the herds pushing them from the rivers side. Rather than plunging into the river these herds casually grazed. The scene was so ironic we were glad we had turned and ran. The crossing may have eluded us but this was better all the same.

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We hope you enjoyed this week’s Big Five just as much we did! Next week we’ll be back with five more Instagram Gems.
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