Mexcian photographer Fernando Martinez Belmar offers a glimpse into a strange, dark world. Deep in the Mexican Jungle of Yucatan, he managed to photograph elusive species that roam the forest including the mysterious Jaguar.

A endangered Baird’s Tapir moving through the jungle

Ghots of the Jungle

Fernando Martinez Belmar’s images show the elusive fauna of the Mexcian jungle. Tapirs, Ocelots, Pumas and even the largest cat of the American continent, the Jaguar, have appeared in front of his camera. Especially Jaguars have always inspired the people in this region of the world. Early civilizations like the Mayans, which shaped the surface of the Yucatan peninsula with their majestic pyramids prominently, worshiped the Jaguar as a supernatural creature. Inhabiting one of the most significant positions in Mayan culture as the Mayan sun god and god of the underworld, the Jaguar has always been a beast of power.

Fernando Martinez Belmar testing one of his DSLR Camera Traps.

The Challenges of working in the Jungle

Deep in the Mexican jungle of Yucatan, Fernando sets out numerous DSLR camera traps for two to three months. Exposing his equipment for so long to the elements, he has to cope with many difficulties. Cables being destroyed by wild animals, false triggers by growing plants and the risk of getting his gear stolen by passing people. But the biggest challenge Fernando is facing is the sometimes relentless rain of the Mexican jungle. As relentless as the down pouring rain, as persistent Fernando is during his mission to capture the hidden side of a unique and lush habitat. “Every time I set out the camera traps I find new difficulties, and I try to improve them for the next time. Even though there are many frustrating moments, the results make it worthwhile.” We couldn’t agree more with him, just take a look at his stunning and mysterious photographs:

Ever since he was a youngster, the now 30-year old Mexican wildlife and conservation photographer Fernando  M. Belmar was astounded by nature. The fascination has, later on, led him to study biology and then to pursue a career in wildlife photography. Combining his artistic eye with the knowledge he gained in University about the natural world, he realized that he needed to do more than just displaying the beauty of nature through photographs. Fernando knows how fragile the natural world, under the threat of rising human population is. “I use my images to tell stories, inspire and sensibilize about environmental matters and raise awareness for conservation.”

Fernando is currently working on a photography project on local, Mayan communities which have been in conflict with Jaguars. We can’t wait to spread Fernando’s upcoming projects. Subscribe to Perspective Wild’s Newsletter so that you won’t miss out on future posts.

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